2024 Women's Agenda Leadership Awards

about us

Since 2012, Women’s Agenda has been raising the profile of emerging female leaders through our daily editorial coverage, as well as our annual awards program.

Over the years, across a number of different categories, we’ve uncovered, celebrated and elevated the role of female leaders who’ve been instrumental in shaping their sectors and the wider community, and in responding to some of the biggest issues of our time.

We’re doing it again in 2024: knowing that we’re well into the critical decade when it comes to addressing some of the most pressing challenges of our time. We know women’s leadership has never been more essential.

Our award categories are adjusted each year to reflect some of the key areas we’ve been covering, and want to bring more attention to.

Our 2023 theme is Integrity

Every year, we identify a key theme for nominees to address in this awards program, in addition to sharing how their leadership is inclusive, innovative and can demonstrate growth. 

This year, we are looking at Integrity, asking how nominees have demonstrated their values and principles in the face of tough challenges: from everyday workplace issues and matters affecting their teams, to macro challeges such as the rising cost of living, climate change, natural disasters, and dramatic changes facing their industry.

We believe integrity is vital in leadership, and the past year in business and politics has demonstrate dwhy standing strong on firm values and principles is essential for the critical decade ahead.

There are many ways to demonstrate integrity in leadership, which include being clear and open on values, taking responsibility, leading by example, demonstrating honesty and transparency and holding yourself accountable. 

We’ll be celebrating leadership and the women who’re actively demonstrating it at the Women’s Agenda Leadership Awards dinner, on the 13th October in Melbourne, with a number of special guests. This event usual sells out, so get your tickets early.